Okay, admittedly I just might be a little late to the party here. Okay, really late...but oh well...you just miss some things sometimes. Or at least I do. Maybe a lot...

I was emailed the other day by a colleague that one of their friends happened to spy a t-shirt worn by Brad Tursi of Old Dominion in their "Break Up With Him: Live In Boston" video. The t-shirt reps a Lansing area team.

The Connecticut native is not only a member of the highly successful Old Dominion, but he's also a successful songwriter in his own right, penning "Save It For A Rainy Day" for Kenny Chesney, "A Guy Walks Into A Bar" for Tyler Farr (Tyler is appearing at the new "Overdrive"...don't forget) and even "Break Up With Him" by his own band, Old Dominion.

Now here's the deal...I don't know Brad's connection with The Mitten, but I do know that Old Dominion band member Trevor Rosen is from Woodhaven. Whatever the connection is you can check out the video below and see what Lansing team t-shirt makes an appearance.

By the way, the team is one of my favorites. You can find the team shirt at around 1:16 in the video.

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