I am very injury prone. I once fell down the steps of my house and broke my big toe. I broke it so bad, the doctor said the skin was the only thing holding it together. They put a screw in there for a little added protection.

The other day I was at the ATM and reached for the machine... My head hit the door of my car and I heard my neck pop. It hasn't stopped hurting.

People injure themselves a little worse than this and actually have to go to the emergency room according to Government estimates based on visits to the emergency room. What is causing so many household injuries? It varies for guys and gals. Here's what injured us reported by hospitals to the Consumer Product Safety Commission last year.

Guys reported causes of injuries by rank:

1. Stairs, Ramps, Floors (1,235,642)
2. Beds, Mattresses, Pillows (406,500)
3. Basketball, (329,876)
4. Bicycles (309,620)
5. Chairs, Sofas/Sofabeds (283,418)

Ladies injuries:

1. Stairs, Ramps, Floors ( 1,910,071)
2. Beds, Mattresses, Pillows ( 517,792)
3. Chairs, Sofas/Sofabeds (358,254)
4. Bathtubs/Shower (332,556)
5. Clothing (244,949)

I LOVE that the 5th leading cause of household injuries for guys is the chair or sofa. The 5th for ladies is clothing? I don't believe my wife has ever had a clothing injury but we have only been together for 26 years.

I see basketball at #3 for guys but backyard volleyball is far more dangerous in my opinion ESPECIALLY if there is booze involved. I had an E.R. visit once after a family volleyball game.

Experts say 100 percent of injuries occur after the phrase "Hold my beer..." is uttered. (Kidding)

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