It's one thing to be a fixer-upper of a home, but then there are absolute disasters that even have some of the most seasoned home renovators and flippers scratching their heads.

Case in point, this home in Geneseo, Illinois. On the surface, it's certainly a home that needs some attention... but then you see those bathrooms, and wonder what evil spirits doomed this home.

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The facts and features of this home are pretty impressive. At five bedrooms, three bathrooms (but with more toilets and showers to spare), two stories, and over 8,000 sq feet, this house is pretty massive.

The listing from Keller Williams Greater Quad Cities/Midwest Partners paints a decent photo of what you'll walk into:

"Finish polishing this diamond in the rough! Over 2500 sq. ft. of living space to create your dream home! It won't take long to have the main level move-in ready. The upstairs is a blank canvas to design to suit your needs. There's even a 20x12 Quonset Hut to store your supplies! The oversized garage offers plenty of workspace too! Two electric meters - perhaps a duplex would suit your needs?"

Aside from the overuse of exclamation points describing this home, it's clear there's some work to be done. In fact, it's odd that this home looks like the previous owners got it started at such a good pace, and then just... quit.

I wonder what could have kept them from finish...

Keller Williams Greater Quad Cities/Midwest Partners
Keller Williams Greater Quad Cities/Midwest Partners

OH GOD!!! What happened to that bathroom? That's not normal wear and tear on a home.

Sure, the iron and dirt stains in the sink... I've seen those before, but DEAR SWEET UNHOLY SPIRITS, what came out of that toilet and dragged itself across the floor?

Does anyone else remember the "poo" demon scene from Kevin Smith's movie "Dogma?"


That's the ONLY explanation I can come up with for this mess. AND, it's the same in the OTHER bathroom, which you can see in the gallery below.

I guess, if you're down for owning a fixer-upper that might be possessed by "poo" demons from Dogma, then, by all means, this house is for you. And at just over $82,000 for all that square footage? I might be able to cope with it.

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On the surface, there's some definite upside to this massive home in Illinois. It's affordable, it has five bedrooms, a HUGE garage, and plenty of space... but it's definitely a fixer-upper (some of it already in progress), and those BATHROOMS!!! WHAT HAPPENED IN THERE!?!?!?

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