In our neighbor state Wisconsin this week, employees at a tech company, called Three Square Market, are deciding if they want to get company issued microchips placed under their skin. For the ones that do, they'll be able to open doors, sign into computers and buy cookies from their vending machine with just the wave of their hands. According to the New York Times, the microchips are NOT mandatory, but - out of about 80 employees, 50 have already said they'll get "chipped" on August 1st.

Critics say companies will use the technology to track employees to see how much time they spend at lunch or on bathroom breaks. The CEO of the company says it's an RFID chip - "not a GPS tracking device" and “your cellphone does 100 times more reporting of data than does an RFID chip.”

Whaddya think? Would you do it?

Here's the story, with all the details.


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