So, remember how yesterday there were some people in the Lansing area that actually got a bunch of rain with some of the pop-up thunderstorms? And then remember how there were some people (me included) that didn't get any rain at all? Well, it looks like that could be the case again today.

The National Weather Service says that there's a chance again today for some scattered thunderstorms. The storms could produce "torrential downpours and brief gusty winds, along with dangerous lightning strikes". So, if you're still waiting for some rain, today could be your day. If you don't see any rain today, there's still a chance that you could get your lawn watered for free tomorrow. Friday's forecast includes the chance for more scattered thunderstorms that could produce some more heavy rainfall and localized flooding. (So, that means Pennsylvania Avenue by Potter Park Zoo is probably going to flood again.)

Oh, by the way, it's also going to be hot again today but you're probably sick of hearing that. However, you should know that the heat index values could be between 95 and 100 degrees again this afternoon. Click here to see the forecast.

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