Ever hear of Middle Island? It's just twelve miles northeast of Alpena in Lake Huron.

Looking at the island on Google Satellite Maps, the island seems to be surrounded by a dark mass...and within this dark mass is a separate sinkhole that you are about to venture into. You've seen other photos and pictures of various sinkhole bottoms, but maybe never anything like these.

It really looks like you're on another planet – eerie, with weird formations and protrusions. Algae/seaweed-covered rocks take on a look like grizzled old men or faces completely covered in hair. Weird things stick out of the bottom that look like shark fins...MANY of them (does anyone know what these are?). Craters that look like you're on the moon. Rock formations that look like small mountain ranges, slimy stonehenge-like boulders, patches of white.....it's one of the more bizarre underwater sinkholes I've ever seen.

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The historic lighthouse on the island is the Middle Island Light, built in 1905 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1961 it was automated and no lighthouse keeper was needed. These days, the Coast Guard does upkeep once a year. The Middle Island Sinkhole is just a few hundred feet north of the island, as you can see in the photos below. It's 75 feet deep and welcomes divers to come and do their own explorations.

Take a look below at these extremely unique and eerie images, taken at the bottom of this sinkhole!

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