Get ready to bring all your stuff inside because reports are showing that Thursday will bring some of the strongest winds of the year with gusts reaching up to 60pmh with sustained winds up to 35 mph in certain Mid-Michigan areas.

As if the last round of wind gusts didn't already cause massive damage, leaving thousands of people in Michigan without power. This round looks to hit even harder, which is why you should take time today to prep. Go outside and grab trash cans, store your outdoor furniture, and most importantly, keep your pets inside! 

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There is a Wind Advisory in effect for all of Mid-Michigan from 10:00 tonight through 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. We will see sustained winds of 15 to 25 mph, with gusts possibly as high as 50 mph.


There is also a High Wind Warning for Clare, Roscommon, Crawford, Alcona and Oscoda Counties for the same time frame. We will see sustained winds from 25 to 35 mph in this area, along with potentially 60 mph wind gusts.

I just hope this doesn't put us back on getting the power on for Michiganders. Consumers released a statement yesterday saying "lineworkers, forestry crews, office staff and others involved in the restoration event will stay on the job until the last customer is restored, a majority of which will be by end of the day today". So I can imagine how they feel right now with this looming storm getting ready to blow everything away again tomorrow.

Do your best to help mitigate anything that could be snatched up by the wind and turned into a flying hazard. The last thing you want is a yard sign flying around chopping heads off Final Destination style... 


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