It seems every time we turn around there is another increase in our bills. So far this year I have written a story about grocery prices on the rise, electric and now gas is up over 3 dollars a gallon. The funny thing is our salaries seem to stay the same. There are times we have to cut expenses somewhere else to pay these hikes. Like my mom used to say, robbing Peter to pay Paul.

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Why the Increase

Now the City of Jackson just approved higher water and sewer rates. This happened at a recent city council meeting according to Folks living in Jackson, as well as Jackson businesses, will see water rates increase by 12 percent and sewer rates by 4 percent. Why is this happening you ask? Because of cost-of-living increases and keeping up with current systems. There will also be a service line replacement project and that's why the city council voted for the increase. The votes were 100% in favor.

It’s going to cost $120 million to replace every lead service line in the city so it’s a huge undertaking. Every street in the city is going to have be dug up. Everyone’s yard is going to have to be dug up. This is something that we have to do and the state is not going to give us any funds to do it,” Dimick said.

How I Saved a Few Bucks a Month

None of us like to pay more bills, but I guess there is nothing we can do about it. I just canceled my cable recently to save a hundred bucks a month, and now I stream everything. I even bought a digital antenna for local channels.

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