Where there's an opportunity...there's a way...to create a scam to liberate people from their hard earned cash. Especially when they are being preyed upon because of their love for their favorite sports teams.

The NCAA tournament is coming and so are the chances you could get duped by nefarious types and their fake tickets.

According to News 10, before you purchase your tourney tickets remember that the bad guys like targeting these games and fans and you need to be careful.

Sometimes ticket buyers aren't even aware that they have been taken until that big surprise when they get to the venue's gate. With technology getting better and better, fake tickets are looking better and better.

So what is the best way to keep from getting scammed? Stay home and watch the games on TV.

Just kidding.

What you should do according to the Better Business Bureau is only do business with the official ticket vendor, which is NCAA.com/tickets.

Get more information about the safe purchase of your tournament tickets here from News 10.

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