My cousin always shares some of the coolest stuff on Facebook, and today did not disappoint.

When I was scrolling through Facebook this morning, I saw that she had shared a video that someone took of a younger guy playing piano. No bid deal right? But then I read the story that went with it... Turns out that a family in the Metro Detroit area ordered pizza, and when their delivery guy came to the door and saw that they had a piano, he asked if he could play for a moment. I'm so glad that the family obliged, because this kid is TALENTED!!! And apparently self taught as well. His name is Bryce, and you have to see and hear his talent for yourself in the video below! Sound on!!!

That was just two days ago. Since then, Detroit news outlets picked up the story and ran with it. The family allowed Bryce and ABC News into their home for the story.

I hope that this story gives Bryce the opportunity to use his amazing talent for years to come!

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