"Rickrolling" - IMO, one of the greatest of public pranks (when done the right way) started right here in Michigan. Rickrolling occurs when one is eagerly anticipating some information or video - usually online - only to have Rick Astley pop up (sometimes it's actually Rick, live) singing his smash 1987 hit, "Never Gonna Give You Up". For instance, if you were expecting Shakira and Jennifer Lopez to play the halftime show at the Super Bowl this year and instead, Rick Astley were to come out singing "Never Gonna Give You Up" - THAT would be a "rickroll". And possibly much more entertaining than anything Shakira or JLo has planned. (Again - in my opinion)

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According to a post on KnowYourMeme, a YouTuber named Erik Helwig claims the date rickrolling began was August 31, 2006. Erik claims he and his friends called a "radio station in rural Michigan" during a post-game sports radio show and played "Never Gonna Give You Up" over the phone before hanging up. He still has the call on tape and I've heard the phone call. At the end of the call, the host (come forward, whoever you are - and claim your place in history) starts to announce the call-in phone number as "989-673 -(unintelligible)". My research shows that would be a Caro, Michigan phone number. Further research shows that Caro does have two radio stations. And another first for the Great State of Michigan.

Should August 31st now be "Rickroll Day" in Michigan? I say, "yes". Your move, Governor Whitmer.

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