If you are a lover of animals, did you know that there are multiple zoos, sanctuaries, and more in Michigan that will allow you to interact with them?

Sure, you can walk through zoos all across Michigan. Heck, we have one of the largest zoos in America right in Battle Creek. But, not every animal haven allows animal interaction. And for that matter, not every animal is not one you can interact with.

Animal Experiences and Encounters in Michigan

That being said, there is still much to experience in the way of animal encounters throughout the Mitten State.

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If you want to feed a giraffe, there's a place to do that. If you really want to touch a sea anemone, there's a place for that too. And there are so many more animals and kinds of experiences (and costs) in between. Take a look at the list below and start planning your next outing.

Indian Creek Zoo in Lambertville, MI

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Indian Creek Zoo has a sloth experience that allows you to get pictures with, touch, and feed a sloth. It's $65 plus the cost of zoo admission.

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Binder Zoo in Battle Creek, MI

April the Giraffe Has Died
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Feed the giraffes at Binder Zoo. Atop the overlook deck, you are put face-to-face with the tallest animals on the planet to give them a yummy piece of lettuce. It's going to cost whatever the price tag is for your ticket, and either $2 - 8, depending on how much lettuce you'd like.

John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, MI

Camel looking to camera.
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John Ball Zoo offers camel rides to those interested. Kids as young as 2 may ride, but those 2 - 3 years old must be accompanied by an adult. It's $8 for a camel ride, and another $7 if you want a picture.

Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, MI

Potter Park Zoo via YouTube
Potter Park Zoo via YouTube

Potter Park Zoo offers multiple animal experiences. There's the Farmyard EdVentures (Potter Park's petting zoo), which is a free experience that comes with the cost of admission, and kids can pet the goats. There are camel rides, $8 per rider and $8 for a photo. They also offer animal meet-and-greet experiences with their big cats, otters, penguins, and black rhinos. However, these meet-and-greets cost much more, at $300-400. But keep in mind, they come with a very in-depth and up-close experience.

Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak, MI

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Detroit Zoo offers a range of experiences that come with a range of price tags. You can feed the giraffes for $5. You can have breakfast with the penguins for anywhere from $500 - $1,000. You could even get a private photo safari to get a bit more up close to the animals for $300 - $400. Check out the other experiences HERE.

Sea Life Michigan Aquarium in Auburn Hills, MI

Located in the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets, the Seas Life Aquarium has an interactive touch pool that allows you to feel a variety of sea creatures. Tickets start at $17.99.

Vintage Belle Isle Photos, Early 1900s

Abandoned Detroit Zoo

Remember the Belle Isle Zoo? Sadly the property has been neglected - and all but forgotten - since its closing in 2002.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Gallery Credit: George McIntyre

Potter Park Zoo

Potter Park Zoo

Gallery Credit: Mojo

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