The Grand Canyon. Mount Rushmore. The Florida Keys.

America's full of beautiful scenery and picturesque places, but we've also got our fair share of locations that are downright ugly.

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What Makes a City Ugly?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, ugly is too.

Abandoned homes and businesses can quickly lead to cities looking run down. Before long, gangs are tagging the old shells of buildings with graffiti and breaking windows. A good number of the residents who remain struggle with employment issues and can no longer afford regular upkeep on their inhabited homes.

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An overabundance of industrial facilities can lead to an ugly appearance for a city as well.

The website put a spotlight on what it deems are the "7 Ugliest Cities in the US (According to Americans)", and lo and behold, a Michigan city is at the top of their list: Detroit.

What the Internet Has to Say About Detroit

Here's what has to say about the Motor City:

Detroit, once a thriving industrial center, has faced economic decline, population loss and urban decay, earning the unflattering nickname "the Armpit of America".

The armpit of America? That's kind of harsh.

Photo via YouTube (CharlieBo313)
Photo via YouTube (CharlieBo313)
loading... gets personal:

(Detroit has the) seventh lowest health and fourth worst fitness rankings in the U.S., plus high pollution (#9 in the U.S.) and high stress levels (#7). To make matters worse, Detroit and its surrounding area is home to quite a few "ugly" guys -- Jack White, David Spade and Kid Rock to name a few.


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While it's true that Detroit has seen better days, we're not 100% convinced it's the ugliest city in America. Just visit anywhere in Ohio.

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