The future USS Minneapolis-St Paul went through its final acceptance trials in Lake Michigan this past weekend. The new Littoral Combat Ship (known now simply as LCS 21) will get its commission and real name sometime next year. But it's been spending some time this summer going through the paces and testing its systems which meant "full-power runs, maneuverability testing and surface and air detect-to-engage demonstrations of the ship's combat system". All in Lake Michigan, where it was built on the Wisconsin side.

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According to MLive, this ship carries Rolling Airframe Missiles (used as surface-to-air missiles primarily) and the Mark 110 gun, capable of firing 220 57mm rounds per minute. LCS 21 also has gas turbines, diesel engines and water jets that put out 114,000 horsepower. She has a top speed "in excess of 40 knots". Which, if it were coming at your "party boat" during testing in Lake Michigan, would present a whole new meaning to the phrase "poop-deck".

Why, yes - this article was written just to get that joke in there. Thank you.

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