Recently a opossum showed up in a backyard in Grand Forks, North Dakota. It roamed around until somebody killed it, out of concern that it might be dangerous. And this was big news in the Grand Forks Herald. Lisa Walsh, a third-year Ph.D. candidate in ecology and evolutionary the University of Michigan is very excited. A opossum sighting in North Dakota is very rare and she'll be visiting North Dakota on spring break to pick up the dead opossum for research. The theory was that North Dakota would be too cold for opossums and Lisa wants to figure out how this one was surviving the winter in North Dakota. Her research suggests that they've expanded as far north as they have by taking advantage of human trash. I'm not judging your backyard, but...

So, while a lot of kids will be working on their tans in Florida, Lisa will be cruising down I-94 with a dead opossum in a cooler. Good times.



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