Two Michigan men have been fined and could potentially lose their fishing privileges for poaching hundreds of walleye, panfish and perch after DNR received a tip on their Report All Poaching Hotline.

Individual charges

In March, Stanley Garbacz Jr., 68, of Caseville, and Bruce Warren, 53, of Pigeon, surpassed the perch daily limit. After further investigation, authorities found hundreds of fish in Garbacz's freezers.

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According to MLive, Garbacz faces one charge of being over limit possession of perch and one for walleye. Warren is charged with one count of taking over the daily limit of perch.

Garbacz has been ordered to pay $7,930 in restitution and Warren $600.

You can read more on the story on MLive's website.

Why there are limits on how many fish you're able to catch in a day

Lt. Dave Shaw, Michigan DNR Law Enforcement Division tells MLive that these rules are in place to help maintain a healthy environment.

Fish rules and regulations are in place to maintain a healthy natural resource. Taking over limits by one or more individuals can impact the harvestable population and which could potentially reduce fish species for future generations.

Fishing guidelines in Michigan

I haven't been fishing since I was a kid, so maybe this is why I don't know this, but if you are 17 years or older you must purchase a fishing license. If you are under the age of 17, you can fish without a license but there are still rules and regulations you must follow.

According to the DNR, the daily possession limit can change depending on where it is you're fishing. For Lake Huron waters, where both men were fishing, perch and panfish has a daily limit of 25 and walleye is 8.

For more information on Michigan's fishing rules and regulations, click here.

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