Halloween is right around the corner, and Erica I are still wondering about a costume and excited for another fun holiday. There are so many fun ways to celebrate this year.

Here's one that I found that will be great. The Lansing Police & Fire Department is having a "Trunk or Treat-Drive Thru." It all happens on Saturday October 31st from 3PM until 6PM.  This will be a safe way to celebrate Halloween for the whole family.

Get the little ghosts and goblins together because police and firemen will be handing out small bags of candy. Also our pal McGruff the crime dog will be on hand to greet all the kiddies and wish them Happy Halloween. This will be FaBOOlous. See what I did there?

Here are some Halloween safety tips to keep in mind this month:

  • Stay home if you're sick and have your friends bring you candy instead
  • Trick-or-treat with folks you know (friends and family)
  • Stay 6 feet apart
  • Wear a face mask (yes even under your mask)
  • Hand sanitize with sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol
  • Remember to wash your hands as soon as you return home and go through all the candy. Throw away stuff that is not wrapped.
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