According to MDOT officials, road construction at the Eastbound I-96 and Northbound U.S. 127 interchange is now underway and they are asking motorists to be patient during the construction period. The project isn't scheduled to be completed until July and will likely cause major backups on I-96. The road construction will also cause a rather lengthy detour for motorists, too.

In a report with WILX, Kari Arend with the Michigan Department of Transportation explained the detour as saying, "That'll take you to Okemos Rd. When you exit Okemos Rd. off Eastbound I-96, it is a dual left situation there at the light. It is important motorists are on the far right lane of that dual left, so that they can then connect right back with Westbound I-96 at the end of the bridge." That detour will take about 8 minutes. Also, keep this in mind, Michigan State Police say it'll be tempting to use the turn-arounds in the middle of the highway to get out of the congestion in that area, but that's illegal.

Unfortunately, there's even more bad news with it comes to this particular road construction project. Officials say once the Northbound U.S. 127 and Eastbound I-96 project is done, crews will then have to close the Westbound I-96 ramp to Southbound U.S. 127 to continue their construction. However, those closures will be restricted to weekends throughout July and August. For more on the road construction project from hell, click here. :)




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