The holidays are here and we are all determined to spend time with our family and friends.  The good news is we are finding a ways to do it creatively and safely. With a Covid-19 vaccine right around the corner, hopefully we will all be celebrating the holidays normally next year. But for now we are going to see changes and celebrate differently and we are gonna make the best of it.

If you are planning a Zoom, FaceTime or online interaction as part of your turkey day, here are some tips to make it more successful for everyone from

  • Plan Ahead. (Talk to everyone and come up with a plan for all)
  • Be Flexible. (Pick a time good for everyone)
  • Respect Your Elders. (Put the older family members first on times and activities)
  • Pick a Focal Point. (Focus on sharing grace and a sentimental attitude)
  • Find a Post Meal Activity. (Maybe take a look back at old photos or movies)
  • Embrace The Awkward. (Acknowledge it's a crazy way to celebrate this year and have fun with it)
  • Don't Be Shy. (Don't be camera shy just have fun with it)
  • Be Grateful. (Stay positive and count your blessing with everyone)

Let's all try and enjoy ourselves this year and have the attitude that 2021 is going to be a great year for everyone. Hopefully we all learned this year to be a little kinder and giving and that will lead into next year.

How will you and your family be celebrating this year? Here's more ways to celebrate.

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