Easter is going to be a lot different this year for many families throughout the country. As churches are closed and we all continue to Stay Home and Stay Safe and continue to practice social distancing, our plans for Easter have changed dramatically.

If you're hoping to have something that resembles what you would normally have for Easter dinner, according to the Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau, there are some restaurants in the Lansing area that are offering "take out Easter dinners". Click here to get all the details.

Are you still hoping to have some sort of Easter egg hunt with the whole family this year? If so, Woman's Day has a great article with tips on how you can still get the family together "virtually" for an Easter egg hunt. Click here to check out their tips.

Also, there are a lot of local churches that have made it possible to watch their services online. If you haven't done so already, visit your church's website or Facebook page, or give them a call to check and see if that's an option this year.

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In an effort to help you enjoy Easter a little more this year, here's a photo gallery of animals wearing bunny ears. I mean, what's better than dressing up animals??

Adorable Pictures of Animals Wearing Bunny Ears



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