With the success of the Last Man Standing TV show, now on Fox and with Toy Story 4 coming out in June, you'll be seeing a lot of interviews with Michigan's own Tim Allen. (Plus, I've seen some brand new "Pure Michigan" TV spots, voiced by Tim)  Forbes Magazine recently sat down to talk about his career and Michigan.

Seems like everybody in Michigan knows somebody who knew him when he went to Central Michigan or Western, or when he was a struggling stand-up comic, but he still loves Michigan - and the cars that came out of Detroit. Which is understandable since he grew up in the shadow of Woodward Avenue.

As for Hollywood, Tim loves to tweak everybody out there with his conservative ideas, especially after it was those same ideas that got Last Man Standing cancelled at ABC, only to show up again and become a big hit on the Fox Network.

As for his buddy Tom Hanks - even though they're politically different, Tim thinks Tom could run for - and win - a Presidential election.

Check it out - here's the story.

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