Did you know there are Tibetan yaks in Michigan?

If you didn't, you're not the only one.

Two Tibetan yaks grazing in a snowy field
Photo via YouTube (Providence Acres)

There's a farm in Northern Michigan that not only has several of these majestic creatures, but you can even get up close and pet them!

What Are Tibetan Yaks?

As the name suggests, Tibetan yaks are native to the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, as well as neighboring Nepal in Asia.

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According to the Alaska Zoo, the wild variety of these yaks are an endangered species. Fewer than 400 of them remain in the wild.

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The Tibetans domesticated the yak centuries ago to assist with moving supplies and other goods up the often-steep terrain. They also utilize the yak similarly to the ways Americans use cows - for meat, milk, butter, hides, etc.

Where Can Tibetan Yaks Be Found in Michigan?

A number of Tibetan yaks can be found at the Kiwidinok Farm in Boyne City, Michigan.

A Tibetan yak mother and two baby yaks
Photo via Facebook (Kiwidinok Petting Farm)

The farm's been open to the public since 2022, and regularly welcomes visitors to get up close and personal with the Tibetan yaks, as well as a variety of other animals including sheep, alpaca, lionhead rabbits, peacocks, miniature ponies and more.

Visitors have opportunities to pet and feed the animals, including baby ones!

Young Tibetan yak being fed an animal cracker
Photo via Facebook (Kiwidinok Petting Farm)

The Kiwidinok Farm also has a gift shop where guests may purchase goods made from yak wool, such as socks, hats, gloves and mittens. Yak summer sausage and yak jerky are also available at the store.

Next time you're in Northern Michigan, schedule a tour and check them out!

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