This Saturday, if you're looking for something to do (especially if you like airplanes) head out to the Livingston County Airport in Howell for their airshow. The airshow is free - the parking is $10.

This airshow will only be taking place on Saturday. The show opens at 10AM and the flying starts at 12:30, but, as a big fan of airshows, I'd advise you to get there early so you can wander around and check out the planes and displays.

During the actual show, you'll see aerobatics, fly-bys and to close the show, a demonstration by a WWII era F4U Corsair - for me, one of the coolest planes. Ever. And, my guess is that there are less than 40 of these still flying in the U.S. - so this will be something special to see.

The airport is really close to the outlet mall in Howell. Because you might have to dangle that carrot for the "less aviation inclined". I know how this works. You're welcome.


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