As I was doing research on the legendary Christmas Pickle, I came across some extremely interesting information...Michigan's own Berrien Springs is the Christmas Pickle capital of the world!

For those who don't know about this mystical pickle, Why Christmas says there are many stories to its origins but basically the pickle ornament is supposed to be the last placed on the Christmas tree and the first to find it gets an extra present or be the first to open theirs!

While some think this is a German tradition, most Germans actually don't know about this silly, dilly tradition!

This all lead to the discovery that Berrien Springs, Michigan is the so-called "Christmas Pickle Capital of the World" and even used to host festivals in this little green thing's honor.

That's right, a whole festival dedicated to pickle ornaments!

According to The Michigan Outfitter, the festival started because Berrien Springs was a major "pickle-producing region" thus earning the title from Pickle Packers International as the "Christmas Pickle Capital of the World."

How does this capital of a festive gherkin party it up for pickles?

Well, apparently there used to be a parade led by a "Grand Dillmeister" who gave fresh pickles instead of candy as they paraded about and people could treat themselves to the infamous pickle ornaments or other merch.

Sadly, the festival has since been dubbed "Kindle Your Christmas Spirit," but you can still keep the spirit and wonder of the Christmas Pickle alive in your hearts and in your home!

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