I've had conversations with co-workers in the past about pooling our money to hit it big and share the wealth.


Every time I've done that, we've come out on the losing end, just like when I play by myself.

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But one Michigan lottery club in Traverse City hit it big and won $1,000,000.

How Many People Are Splitting The Winning Ticket

The Heroes to Zeroooos Lottery Club in Traverse City bought the winning ticket back in October. The lottery club is made up of 78 nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers from Traverse City.

How Much Money Did Everyone Win?

After splitting up the winning ticket among the 78 people, each club member received about $12,800 which was a perfectly timed surprise for the holidays.

Where Was The Winning Ticket Purchased?

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

The winning ticket was bought at the CVS pharmacy on West Front Street in Traverse City.

Bernard Bossert, Jr. represents the lottery club and shared how he got the winning ticket.

I purchased a Powerball ticket the afternoon of the drawing and then checked the results the next morning at about 4:30 a.m. When I saw we had won $1 million, I was in shock! I posted in the Facebook group and said I had a special announcement coming later that day and planned to share the good news when I was done with work.

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It's up to an estimated $940 Million Dollars.

Saturday's Power Ball drawing is worth $325 Million Dollars.

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