Last year we told you about the iconic Christmas tree in Owosso that had over 52,000 lights and has been a holiday tradition for the town for over thirty years. Well, I'm not sure if we jinxed them but unfortunately, it appears that this might be the last year for the popular tree.

According to a report from the Argus-Press, the famous Christmas tree is fighting a case of the fungus. The fungus was discovered last spring and the tree owners have been working with an arborist to try and treat the fungus. However, the tree is reportedly already losing its needles and its future is not so bright. Last week at the Owosso City Council meeting it was announced that this will most likely be the last year for the tree.

If you've never seen the Owosso Christmas tree in person, or if you want to see it one last time, the official tree lighting ceremony is going to be held on Saturday, November 30th at 7 pm and the thousands of lights will be lit until the night of January 1st, 2020. You can see more of the tree by checking out the

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