They're freaking out this morning in Vegas.

Yeah, we may have had our fair share of ice and brutal wind chills, (Marquette's had a ton of snow this winter) but last night, Las Vegas got measurable snow for the first time in ten years. And when I say "measurable", I mean maybe an inch. But, they're built for 24 hour partying - not snowstorms. They thought about shutting down the schools in Clark County - and then decided to take a chance on getting those school buses stuck in the massive drifts.

KTNV had people send in photos from around the area. Pretty strange to see the Luxor Casino pyramid with a dusting of snow. The good news? Some areas got enough snow to make real snowmen.
Here's that link. On the Twitter page of the
National Weather Service in Las Vegas, they were posting action packed photos of people measuring the massive snowfall with rulers. Don't laugh - they're excited:



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