I'm sure we all miss a lot from before the Pandemic hit. Of course it was sure less stressful for all of us before 2020 came along. I think I miss the fact that I can't take off on a whim and do anything that I want anymore. For Instance I can't go to a movie over the holidays like I have always done. I find myself having to call ahead for most things now that I did not do before. Asking things like are you open or do you close early.

Here are some things people are missing most according to Seatletimes.com.

  • Dinner Parties/Social Plans
  • Fitness Classes
  • Going To The movies
  • Concerts

Remember February? Back then, a night out meant traveling across the city to see a movie or live music or to try a new restaurant; now it means traveling across your neighborhood to a friend’s deck for BYOB, no-contact happy hour from 6 feet apart.

But what about the things we don't miss, like being stuck in traffic on the way to work, or wearing work clothes. I am sure we can think of as many things we don't miss as the things we do.

One thing I think we all learned is that when things get back to normal we should not take things for granted. I for one am going to be a lot more thankful going to the movies, restaurants and spending time with friends and family.

What are the first plans you are gonna make after the pandemic?

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