Summertime and car shows go hand in hand. When I was growing up, my dad and I went to a lot of different car shows to check out the sweet rides on display. It was a nice way to bond and spend some time together.

Then came the '57 Thunderbird. I suppose going to all of these car shows motivated my dad to purchase a classic car. This Thunderbird was pretty sweet, near mint condition and it was a dark cherry red. My dad took pride in this car and took amazing care of it. We only owned it for a year or two, but that was enough time for us to cruise by the beach at Lake Michigan and for me and my older sister to sneak it out of the garage on an occasion or two. Sorry dad...if you didn't know, now you do.

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Throughout my years in radio, I have attended and emceed a lot of car shows. The one thing that I have learned is that attending, displaying and participating in car shows is a lifestyle. It's the excitement of showing off your sweet ride. It's traveling to other cities to display your vehicle to others that love cars just as much as you do. The network is incredible. If you have a question, there's going to be someone that can answer that odd question for you. I will use the term fellowship to best describe the comradery.

When it comes to car shows, the Lansing area and Mid Michigan have you covered. There are weekly, monthly and yearly events. Do you have a ride you want to showcase? Check these car shows out in the Lansing area if you want to have some fun. I posted the question on Facebook to get some input, and here's the feedback from all of you about the go-to car shows in the area.


10 Killer Lansing Area Car Shows You'll Love

Love classic cars? Then you'll really love these Lansing area car shows!

Your feedback is priceless. Please drop me a message to let me know about other car shows I didn't mention.

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