There's just something about winter in Michigan that says, "cozy".

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Sure, we all hate the bitter cold and any time we see an excess amount of snow or ice. But there are ways to brighten up those darker parts of winter, and that's what helps make it so cozy.

Cozy Winter Vibes

Just think of all the coziness derived from sipping a hot cocoa and watching the snow fall, or by snuggling up for a movie by the fire.


And that's just in your own home, think of how cozy cute little towns are.

At some point in the winter season, cute little towns across Michigan give off those warm and cozy vibes. They're draped in twinkling lights and the downtown area is filled with the fragrant steam coming from restaurants.

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Not to mention, Michigan is lucky enough to get all four seasons weather-wise, so combine those cozy details with the perfect snow-kissed backdrop, and you've got yourself a winning combination.

Coziest Towns in America to Visit This Winter

If want to maximize the cozy vibes this winter, Stacker has you covered.

Stacker is in the business of providing data-driven stories and lists, and they just put together the list of "50 cozy towns to visit this winter".

Two Michigan Towns Named Among Coziest to Visit This Winter

Lots of states make the list, a few of them multiple times, like New York and Colorado. And that's great and all, but let's take a look at Michigan.

There are two Michigan towns that were cozy enough to make the list of 50 for the whole United States. And they did so because of their Midwestern charm, local boutiques, and winter activities.

The two towns are...

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Photo via Canva
Photo via Canva

Occupying the unique space between Midwestern charm and cosmopolitan urban energy, Detroit offers world-class theater, performing arts, and museum experiences. Don't miss Midnight Madness on Dec. 2, the town's annual one-night event, where local boutiques along Main Street stay open late for holiday shopping.


Traverse City, Michigan

Autumn Traverse City Michigan

Traverse City offers visitors one of the most beautiful wintry landscapes around. And while it may not have the idyllic downhill ski runs of Utah or Colorado, this northern Michigan town still has its share of winter attractions. For a new twist on the slopes, try night skiing at Timber Ridge Recreation Resort, or take a fat bike for a spin on Traverse City's Winter Sports Singletrack Trail.

If you want to see which other U.S. towns made the list for "coziest", check out the full list below.

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Stacker created a list of 50 cozy American towns to visit each winter. Towns were selected based on visitor opinions, ratings from nationwide publications, and tourist attractions.

Gallery Credit: Laura Ratliff

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