I am a huge coffee drinker and do not like starting my day without a fresh cup. And did you know drinking at least one cup of coffee a day could help reduce the risk of heart failure according to the nypost.com?

The report, which was published Tuesday in the journal Circulation: Heart Failure, determined there was a benefit to java consumption by looking at data from three major studies.

This was a study with people who didn’t drink coffee. Coffee drinkers were found to have less of a risk of heart failure between 5 and 12% for each cup they drank on a daily basis.

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And if you're looking for a good cup of coffee in the Lansing area, here are the top picks from yelp.com:

  1. Blue Owl coffee 1149 S. Washington Ave
  2. The Urban Cup 2225 E Grand River Ave
  3. Strange Matter Coffee 2010 E Michigan Ave
  4. The Brew Cafe 610 N Creyts Road
  5. Foster Coffee Company 196 Albert Ave
  6. Coffee Barrel 2237 Aurelius Rd
  7. Blue Owl coffee East Lansing 213 Ann St
  8. Blue Owl Coffee Old Town1236 Turner ST
  9. Ding Tea 970 Trowbridge Rd
  10. For Crepe Sake 211 Mac Ave

I am big fan of all coffee, and love trying new ones.  My morning partner Erica on WITL brought some in this week called "Raspberry Mocha", and it was incredible. Yum.

What if your favorite coffee, or coffee place?

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