Our Wittle Team was on the grounds at the Faster Horses Music Festival all weekend long, enjoying the Party of the Summer and well, getting a little work in too. Some of that work included taking some pretty cool pictures to record all of the fun of the big event on the grounds of Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn.

There were some challenges over the weekend with...wait for it...the weather. What? Challenges with the weather in The Mitten? Well, yes...but the festival and the stars and the fans persevered and all of the entertainment came off as planned.

Maybe in some cases a little later than scheduled, but it all worked out to the enjoyment of everyone in attendance.

One of the highlights of the three day party was the performance on Sunday night from the Zac Brown Band. The country superstars closed out the weekend in a big way entertaining the massive crowd.

Check out the gallery above of photos taken by our WITL colleague Amanda Rubelman, who along with her husband braved the heavy rains to catch the final act of this year's Faster Horses Festival.

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