One of the most exercised rites of passage in our lifetimes is the ability to go to school at one of our many colleges in our nation and most often live on campus and enjoy the brand new world that has been afforded to us that is away from Mom and Dad and curfews and the law of the land that we have been living under for the first 18 years of our lives under the roof of the place that we grew up in.


No matter what you were in the life and in the school you attended the first 18 years of your were able to reinvent yourself if you wanted to in your new environment which was...COLLEGE!

And well, besides classes and small casual social situations you had this...THE PARTY...or in most instances...PARTIES!!! How could you hate parties?

Yeah, remember those days when you could run out of your dorm or apartment and hang out at some party and have some draft beer that you had to draw yourself and fight the suds from the keg as you poured it into your Solo cup?

And remember? You weren't wearing a mask or having to observe social distancing guidelines because the world was wide open. What?!?!? Yes...there were those days...back in the day. You could go anywhere or do anything you wanted because nobody knew what COVID-19 or Coronavirus was and nobody was "masking" simply because this stuff was something you couldn't even imagine...

But now according to News 10 that is simply not the case. Michigan State University has said that students who decide to gather in situations that are frowned upon because what they are doing is compromising others because they are ignoring COVID-19 guidelines will result in potentially getting kicked out of the university, for up to a full semester.

Imagine how much fun that would be trying to explain that to Mom and Dad...

Get more info here from News 10.

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