Do you have a collection of weird things in your attic, or maybe stuffed in a box in the garage? If so, your stash could mean cash. The ODDitorium in Lapeer, Michigan north of Detroit wants your bizarre items, and the weirder - the better.

Owner Vee Kay recently posted the following message on Facebook,

Hey everyone, it's your friendly downtown oddities shop owner here! The ODDitorium This is an ISO post. I will pay cash for any weird items you have sitting around your home. Items searching for,
*Old religious
*Vintage naughty
*Rotting dolls
*Horror movie

*Anything strange and unusual

And no your antique coffee maker is not bizarre. Lol
If you think you have any of these types of items laying around feel free to message me.

Did you catch the part where she said your antique coffee maker is NOT a bizarre item? I love it. All kidding aside, if you have any of the above items, or something close to it - get in touch with Vee at The ODDitorium. Your collection or even just one item could mean money in your pocket.

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If you are not familiar with The Odditorium, the store is located at 410 West Neppesing Street in historic downtown Lapeer. Hours are Tuesday through Friday, noon to 6:00 PM, and Saturday noon to 5:00 PM. The ODDitorium is truly one of the most unique shops you will ever visit.

Now go find your comb made out of fish teeth.

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