So we have all been hearing and reading about the hundreds of drivers in Virginia who were stuck on I-95 for over 24 hours last weekend because of a wicked snowstorm.  Some folks were stuck inside their cars for a very long time.

There are many ways to stay safe this winter that we all need to pay attention to with spring over 2 long months away. January and February are long cold months to get through in Michigan.

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Snow did fall in Mid Michigan on New Year’s that affected much of Southeast Michigan with several inches of snow. Many folks found their shovels and went to work to clear driveways, sidewalks, and steps. Also grabbed those big bags of salt to make the conditions better and melt the snow.

Careful Of Heart Conditions

This is not good for people with heart conditions, or folks that don't even know they have one. shoveling for even a short period of time can turn into a bad situation says and John Bisognano, head of preventive cardiology at the University of Michigan Health Frankel Cardiovascular Center.

Remember strain shoveling gives your heart a workout, being outside in the cold also stresses the entire cardiovascular system.

If you have the abrupt onset of chest pain or chest pressure or severe shortness of breath that’s the time to go to the emergency room because sometimes shoveling snow brings out the underlying cardiovascular diseases people have and may be the first time they notice that their exercise capacity is not what it used to be the year prior,” he said.

Even if you are sitting at home watching TV and have chest pain you should have it checked out right away.

Check With Your Doctor

Maybe a good idea to always get a check-up from your doctor this time of year to be safe, especially if shoveling is something you do a lot of in the winter months.  Listen to your body if it's trying to tell you something.

Stay safe this winter and let's get ready for spring kicking off March 20th, 2022.

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