Good news. In the U.P. version of opening the swimming pools on Memorial Day, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has filled the Soo Locks with 73 million gallons of water and Coast Guard ice cutters are out to open up shipping lanes on Lake Superior. All in preparation for the 2019 navigation season, which, according to, starts next Monday.

Soon, the locks will be full of huge ships carrying cargo. Cargo like iron ore, limestone and coal. In fact, the Soo Locks are so important to the United States, that a report issued in 2016 by Homeland Security said, "IF the Poe Lock had a problem and had to shut down for 6 months, it would drag the American economy into recession and 11 MILLION people would lose their jobs."

Plus, it's cool to spend an afternoon up in the Soo, watching them go through the locks.

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