A new survey has identified where Michigan's rudest kids live, and it turns out they're the 10th-rudest in the nation.

But what constitutes "rude"?

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Solitaired.com surveyed Americans all across the country to get their opinions on what behaviors would be considered "rude" when exhibited by children.

What's "Rude", Anyway?

According to this survey, kids' behaviors that are thought of as "rude" vary depending on the age of the child.

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For example, the biggest thing that kids aged 5-8 could do that most of us would consider to be rude would be making a mess. For kids 9 and up, it's being absorbed in their phone.

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Younger kids who disobey rules or are otherwise impolite (not saying "please" or "thank you") are also considered to be rude. For older kids, it's the cursing, sulking, or playing their music or videos too loud. Gossiping and not making eye contact are mentioned by survey respondents several times as well.

Why Are Kids So Rude?

According to this survey, the majority of us blame social media for the rude behavior of kids today. Not respecting others and having bad personal role models are other reasons frequently named.

Nearly three-quarters of us think kids today are ruder than they've ever been.

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So, where are the rudest kids in Michigan? Detroit, according to solitaired.com. Only 9 American cities have kids that are ruder. Want to check out the full list? You can do that here.

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