I went to Bennigan's quite a few times when it was in the area...I never had one complaint. I always enjoyed the food. Then all of a sudden, it was gone.


It ended in a very unceremonious, quiet way. We gone...bye-bye.

There were quite a few Bennigan's throughout Michigan: Lansing, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Plymouth, Big Rapids, Midland and others.....then they all disappeared.

Except one.

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The only Bennigan's left in Michigan is in Mount Pleasant, at 2424 S. Mission Street. But why did all the rest close in the first place?

Kiplinger reveals that in 2008, the owners filed Chapter 7, closing all 150 corporate eateries. It's believed that the similarities shared by Bennigan's, T.G.I. Fridays, and Ruby Tuesdays hampered customers. Over 100 franchises still existed in 2008, but most of them are now shut down as well. Currently there are about 18 Bennigan's in other countries, 15 Bennigan's throughout the United States, and just one in Michigan.



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