If you've been anywhere near downtown East Lansing recently, you know things are changing. Rapidly. One of the proposed structures is the Park Place project. According to the Lansing State Journal that project was going to feature two buildings with "80 condominiums, 450 parking spaces, 410 market-rate apartments, a 34,000-square-foot movie theater, 24,000 square feet of office space and 25,000 square feet of retail space".

That's not going to happen, now. Instead, the new plan is for "one building at the corner of Evergreen Avenue and Albert Street with 13 floors of apartments and two floors of underground parking containing 320 parking spaces".

So, no condos and no movie theater. Instead, they'll be adding a "year-round public market". My guess is the developers were concerned the theater wouldn't get the traffic they wanted during the summer months when MSU is off. I don't think that would've been a problem. But it's their $150 million project, so...


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