A LOT of people worldwide have been consuming every movie and series they can find on Netflix in the last month as we weather the coronavirus pandemic. For a lot of us in the U.S., one of those shows was, of course, "Tiger King". So, you would assume that show would have been THE most watched show on Netflix, right? You would be wrong, my friend.

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According to Deadline.com, Tiger King DID have a lot of people watching it. 64 MILLION households, worldwide, as a matter of fact. That's HOUSEHOLDS, not people. There are about 2.5 people in every household, so that means about 160 million people watched "Tiger King" in the last month. But that's not the most watched series on Netflix. That honor goes to a show called La Casa de Papel AKA Money Heist - a Spanish language crime show. (I know - I'm thinking the same thing - as long as I have subtitles...) And you might be surprised to hear that BOTH those shows didn't even come close to the 76 million households that watched The Witcher around Christmas.

Good news - maybe there ARE more good shows out there, after all.

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