To start, they aren't going to change the spoon, even though it would be really cool if they made the spoons into a spoon straw. Personally, these things have never made sense to me. It's made a fool out of me a few times too, with me thinking the spoon straw was actually a spoon straw. Anyways, (excuse my rant) management seems to understand that frustration here too.

With the understood frustration, McDonald's gave away their brand new Carmel Brownie McFlurry for FREE yesterday, just because of the confusion. I sadly missed the promotion, otherwise, I would've gotten my free tasty treat.

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So, why do those spoon straws, which isn't really a straw though, look like that? Apparently, it is an important part of mixing your flurry up.

"While we can’t change the iconic hollow spoon (a key piece of the mixing process), we can help ease the sting of your facepalm upon figuring out how to use it." From the fast-food retail giants website.

Now, if I'm going to be honest, I don't understand it, but hey! I'm just the consumer. Maybe the way the straw is made actually does make it mix better together. Who am I to say how a McFlurry gets made and mixed? I just push buttons and talk on the radio.

I will add on though, if you don't feel like leaving the house this week, but want to get tricked by the straw, you can actually still get a McFlurry. McDonald's is allowing you to get a free, regular-sized, Carmel Brownie McFlurry when you have an order of $15, according to WOOD-TV. This deal runs with McDelivery and Uber Eats from May 3-9.

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