Welcome to a brand new work week! It seems that we're starting this week with some rumblings about some snow that is finally headed our way later this week or this weekend. Here's the deal...it's really still too early to tell if we are indeed going to see a 'snowstorm' later this week. There are some sources that say it depends on how the storms tracks. (It might go to the south of us again.) There are some that say it's too early to tell and then there are some, like the National Weather Service, who only say that "a significant snow event is possible Saturday and then the coldest air of the winter so far will follow for Sunday."

Sorry that there isn't any specific information yet...but stay tuned...we'll make sure that we pass the information along when it becomes more clear. I certainly don't want to be one of those people that try and spread inaccurate information. :)

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