Granted, the date may not say it's officially Winter yet, but the weather sure does. And, it's because of the cold temps and snow that the Ingham County Animal Control (ICAC) released some "cold weather tips for pets".

First and foremost, if you can bring your pet inside, that's what's recommended. But, if your pets "are housed outdoors they need proper shelter." In order to provide adequate shelter for your animals, there are a few important factors to consider.

  • Shelters must be insulated; floors, walls, and ceiling; to retain the pet's body heat.
  • Use straw for the bedding, not blankets or shredded paper; they hold water and freeze.
  • The door should face south. Consider hanging fabric or plastic flaps for added protection from the elements.
  • Have a heated water bowl to make sure outdoor pets stay hydrated. Or change the water frequently.

The ICAC also reminds us that making sure that these factors are in place are "not only necessary for pets' safety and comfort, it is the law." If you need help in getting a dog house and/or straw, the ICAC has those available at no cost to Ingham County Residents. To read more about pet safety for cold weather, click here

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