What will we remember about this when the coronavirus pandemic is all over? I can only speak for myself when I say I'll probably remember "social distancing", marathon press conferences and working from home.

And, oh yeah - "Tiger King". (I still think Carole did it)

Years from now, I think we'll know photos are from this time because they'll show two things - empty city streets and people wearing face masks.

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I've been wearing a face mask out in public lately. That hasn't happened often - a few times I've been out for groceries and there was a trip into the post office the other day. I felt a little self-conscious the first couple of times I wore the mask, but now - they're a pretty common sight. I started with the lowly paper model, then transitioned to home-made and more fashionable black model. Now, I'm looking to up my "mask game". I wondered how the rest of the world is doing it. Which brings us to:

Coronavirus Face Masks - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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