I hope that however you celebrated St. Patrick's Day, that you had an amazingly fun and safe time! And, hopefully you're not doing too rough today. If you could use a laugh, check out how the East Lansing Police Department totally won at St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick's Day is a day that usually sees people imbibing their share amount of alcohol. And it's also a day that I'm sure has many police departments busy, including our own East Lansing Police department. But, the ELPD made the best of a bust day and took us on a Tweet-along. Take a look at some of the fun stops that the East Lansing Police Department made throughout the day...

Things started off strong.

After removing the leprechauns from the roof, it was time for a quick selfie before back to work.

In addition to handling noise complaints and fights, they also came across this scenario...

Things were definitely busy for the ELPD:

And before wrapping things up, the ELPD bore witness to quite the feat...

Check out the whole Tweet-along, here. 

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