WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property. 

Here we go…another deserted mall. This is not a “dead” mall (meaning still open but no customers, but an actual closed-down, deserted mall. It’s the Eastland Center Mall, located in the Harper Woods district of Detroit. Well, sort of – demolition began in April 2022.

Let’s begin with a brief “fast facts” timeline:
1957: The mall opens
1957: The mall centerpiece statue “Lion & the Mouse” has its mouse stolen
1975: The mall is enclosed
1975: JC Penney opens
1980s: Main Street opens
1985: Food court, movie theater
1989: Main Street re-named Kohl’s
1995: Kohl’s closes
1996: Target opens
1993: Montgomery Ward opens
1998: Montgomery ward closes
2003: Sears opens
2003: Movie theater is torn down
2003: Lowe’s is built on the former theater property
2006: Marshall Field’s becomes Macy’s
2006: K&G Fashion Superstore
2007: Drug store, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks
2007: Stolen mouse from 1957 “Lion & the Mouse” statue was returned by the thief 2009: Burlington Coat Factory
2013: Sears closes
2017: Macy's closes
2018: Target closes
2018: Burlington closes
2021: Mall has only 10% occupancy
2022: Mall closes for good in the spring

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It was a grand structure – at one time – that was plagued with violence and parking lot shootings throughout the 2000s.

The gallery below has images from throughout the mall before any demolition began taking place. Empty shops, echoing halls, crumbling fixtures, fallen trees, and surprisingly very little graffiti. Located at 8 Mile and Kelly Road.

Deserted Eastland Center Mall, Detroit


Abandoned Substance Abuser House

Unidentified Ruins in Newaygo

Abandoned Cadillac Stamping Plant, Detroit

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