I was lucky enough to enjoy today tailgating in East Lansing! Sadly, the Spartans lost to the Badgers, but there were other parts of the day that were way more enjoyable... The weather, which started out a bit cool and windy, ended up being beautifully sunny! And (quite honestly my favorite part of any Spartan tailgate), the fact that there were so many doggies out tailgating today!

Basically I'm captivated by any puppy I see, always. And all dogs are always puppies, I don't care how old they are! So today was pretty much the cutest day ever, there were "Spartan Dawgs" all over campus today! I know the Spartan lost today sucked, but here... look at these pictures of cute puppies and feel better!

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This puppy is tailgating at home for the day...

And finally, these two cuties!!!

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