There are so many fun things to do in the Lansing area in the winter. Plenty of hills for sledding, and a lot of trails and parks to take a hike as long as it's not too cold. And of course skiing and snowmobiling which I have regrettably not done this year. With the last month of winter here, I have failed in doing something else that I enjoy and that is Ice skating.

Well there is no excuse anymore because the City Ice Rink in Charlotte is now open. This from our friends at  It is open for the first time in years.

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You can find this cool looking rink at 615 W. Shepherd St.  It was built in 2011 and is available year round. People can rollerblade there in the summer and go ice skating in the winter when the weather allows. So a chance to get some exercise year around in the fine city of Charlotte.

The last 4 years it has not been open because it does not have a cooling system which cools the ice when its to warm.

This year, mother nature came through.

The rink has been open for about a week, and Charlotte Mayor Michael Armitage said the public works department and fire department spent a couple of nights preparing it for the public.

With the pandemic being able to do activities outdoors is a lot safer and gives us less risk of say going to the movies or indoor roller skating.  So get out and enjoy winter before spring arrives.

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