What makes Michigan a great place to raise a family? Well, if you love water, you're only about 6 miles from the nearest body of water because we have more than 11,000 inland lakes. We also have tons of state parks, family-friendly attractions, high-quality education and well paying jobs.

Wallethub looked at 102 cities in Michigan based on family fun, affordability, socioeconomics, education, health and safety. Here are the five best cities to live in.

  1. Rochester
  2. South Lyon
  3. Beverly Hills
  4. Troy
  5. Novi

Before I even looked at the top five, I knew all of those were going to make the list. They're all great places because there's tons of stuff to do, but it'll cost you a pretty penny.

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You know what made me happy? Seeing where some of the Lansing area ranked! Holt, Okemos, Haslett, and East Lansing, were all back to back from number twenty to number twenty-three. I may have only lived in the Lansing area for a few months, but I love it here. There's so much to do and see here.

I'm not gonna lie, my heart sunk a bit when I saw where my hometown was on the list. I expected Saint Clair Shores to do better than number forty-eight, but it is what it is. It's funny because I didn't appreciate living there until I moved away. You're close to the water, there's tons of restaurants, local breweries and the people happen to be great too.

If you could live anywhere in Michigan, where would it be? Are you comfortable with where you're at? If commuting wasn't a factor, I think it would be fun to live in U.P. for a bit.

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