If you could pick a fantasy Christmas town to take your family every year what would it look like? I'm thinking snow, maybe the house would be a log cabin with a fireplace and of course a huge Christmas tree with lots of lights. The Neighborhood would be filled with plenty of Holiday lights, folks hanging out drinking hot chocolate and eggnog, and plenty of Christmas Carolers. And no Grinch in sight. Well you could find this and more in plenty of cities in Michigan.

"There’s no place like Michigan for the holidays. With friendly faces, seemingly endless cheer, and all sorts of beautiful Christmas decor, the Great Lakes State truly comes to life each winter. When you’re ready to fully embrace the Christmas spirit, explore these nine delightful towns for the ultimate holiday adventure"


  1. Frankenmuth
  2. Christmas
  3. Holland
  4. Rochester
  5. Ironwood
  6. Grand Rapids
  7. Holly
  8. Petoskey
  9. Northville

How fun would it be to visit some of these cities over the next few weeks and take a stroll with the family? You can enjoy all of the holiday decorations and stop for lunch or dinner at one of the fine restaurants these cities have to offer. Maybe stop by a local coffee shop on your way out.

Don't forget to stay safe and bring masks, hand sanitizer and keep a safe distance from everyone. These trips can be fun and safe from COVID-19.

Where is your favorite city to visit for the Holidays? Download the app and send us a message!

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